Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Voice of Voiceless

Geographically, Rote is located far away from Goverment Administrative Centers. This fact, enfoces provincial authorities and the local authorities' irational way of thingking of not thorougly take the real action to implement the community physically and mentally development. This real condition can be seen by there are many social problems starting from povetry, un-educated children, mal-nutrient, due to unadequate knowledge of food management and processing systems. Unavailable physical infrastrutures such road, districs borders ( Distric border dispute is often creating conflics) and clashes. Locals unable to transport or commercialize their crops. This situation certianly leading to left-behind way of thinking, economic development, and home industries accelaration.

Rote is really in NEEDS of the real actions whether economic implementaions as well very committed leaders to realize an overall community devlopment.
Politically, Rotenese are smart in producing fresh ideas but the way fo conveing thier thoughts is merely to overturn their rival which by the fact their own brothers and sisters who basically as the huge contributer to the local development.
Rotenese people should be aware of such kind of unfair politics, otherwise the so-called people who named themself "Leaders" would bring them to a wreckage situtaion.
By the time of 2009 Election, many smart but imorale people come-up with slogan that they are aspirators of their people. They show off by demonstrating themself as the only representative to "Voice the Voicelss" but those slogans are only the trics to lead them to the "Soft Chair" which enables them to bring up ideas for Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism which as the result, many locals become poor and poorer in economy and knowledge. While on their leardership, they totally forget who they are and where they are from, and what they have already promised to their constituents.
Try to recognize ambitious Leaders who have the following traits and backgrounds:
- Have been in power for a long terms but never implement any commitment/promises during the campagin
- Have a bad tarck - records such as (Family issues, Power abuse tendency, imorale conducts, Law violences, Criminal records, and giving over-acting statement just by the purpose to gain public attention) "I Suggest local or Committee to do 'Background Check and Referrence Check to prove that the candidates are 100% Clear from any kind of ABUSE.
- Try hard to gain to power by using "Money politics" ( "Mony politics is totally the main reason to commit corruption as the payback for the lost during the efforts of gaining the position/power.
- Do not intrigued by promises which is conveid by a candidate who are not from the local borned/ genuine leader.
- Choose the representative who already domicile whithin the community for years. (as a trend that, most of representative only enjoy their life is big cities after gaining psotion and being power. They never think about their constituents.

Feel free to share your idea to Voice the Development in ROTE.....!!!


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